Spray Water / Dust Test Chamber
  • Spary Water Test Chamber
  • Dust Test Chamber
  • Seawater Spray Unit
  • Auto Precipitation Thermal Tester
Dust Test Chamber

1. The fan is developed on our own, allowing the air to be easily saturated evenly.
2. The system consists of highly durable components that will allow the mixing process to take place while dusts are evenly distributed inside the chamber, and that will stop at the preset times.
3. The front side is made of transparent glass to allow the inside of the chamber to be observed completely.

Seawater Spray Unit

This equipment is designed for testing the corrosion of coated surfaces and metals. It is made according to the JIS and KS regulations.

1.Other interior size
2.More than 40 °C(CASS Fuction)
3.Spray on-off Cycle Fuction
4.Door Open
5.Close Cylinder

Auto Precipitation Thermal Tester

Products are to be tested using high temperature liquid in order to analyze changes in their physical properties as well as in their components.

1. As an automatic system is applied, it is possible to operate and manage the system from a distant location
2. The unit is highly superb in terms of precision of temperature even in high temperature as a circulation system, which is made based on the patent, is installed