다양한 규격 및 환경 신뢰성 시험에 적합하며 테스트 결과의 오차를 최소화하여 신뢰성 향상
5.7인치 터치 스크린 방식의 PID제어로 챔버 내부의 온도와 습도를 정확하고 균일하게 제어
Full Load 상태에서도 가열/냉각시간 단축하여 빠른 온습도 시험 가능
레코더를 이용하여 온도, 습도, 다른 값을 저장 기록 / 폭넓은 온도/습도 제어범위
기본 120패턴 1200 세그먼트의 프로그래밍 기능
PC 소프트웨어 / RS-232 PC 인터페이스용 포트 기본 제공
RS-485 인터페이스와 최대 9대의 장비를 한대의 PC에 연결 (옵션)
KS, IEC, MIL-STD 규격에 적합한 시험 방법 구현

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Convenience & Safety

사용하기 편리한 컨트롤러 장착 및 쉬운 유지관리/편리한 물 공급기능/쉬운 저수 용량 확인
직수라인 설치로 물 보충 없이 장시간 사용 가능 (옵션)
저온에서도 내부의 관찰이 가능한 열선 유리 장착/ LED Light 장착
라운드 처리된 챔버 내부는 쉬운 세척으로 청결하게 유지할 수 있는 구조
시료 보호를 위한 Door Lock장치/ 과열방지/ 과전류, 누전차단
물부족 경고 장치 내장/ Access Port 기본제공/ 냉동기 고압/저압 Pressure switch

조임식 도어 핸들 장치로 완벽한 밀폐구조


Option Item
Method/Items Air-cooling type Glycol type Water-cooling type
Medium Air Glycol solution Coolant
Initial investment About 110% About 125% 100% as the reference
Freezing efficiency (22C,50%) About 85% About 75% 100% as the reference
Operation cost About 110% About 120% 100% as the reference
Subsidiary facilities Indoor condensers and subsidiary pipes Cooling towers, circulation pumps and subsidiary pipes Dry coolers, circulation pumps and subsidiary pipes
Advantages ▷As condensation takes place using the outside air, subsidiary facilities are simple and it is convenient to manage operation. ▷ Can be used for all seasons as the chilling is based on the glycol cooling method that uses sealed-type condensers. ▷Chilling efficiency is high because the condensation takes place using coolant
▷Initial investment cost is low ▷Easy to control and simple to maintain regardless of seasons ▷Almost not to be influenced by the change in the outside conditions
▷Easy to repair and costs less to maintain ▷Less contamination of subsidiary facilities as the system is a sealed-type model
▷ A comprehensive system that is suitable for high-rise buildings as it is not limited in the length of piping
▷ Glycol is resistant to corrosion, which will help prevent scale inside pipes and enhance thermal conductivity and provide semi-permanent durability
▷Less restriction in terms of the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit
Disadvantages ▷As condensation takes place using air, any change in the outside air would cause somewhat burden onto the compressor.
▷Restriction in terms of the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit
▷The initial investment cost is slightly higher when compared with other systems
▷Freezing efficiency is low as the glycol solution is used
▷As there is a risk of the coolant unit breaking due to severe cold weather in winter and the system is an open-type model, the system could fail when there are pollutants with the subsidiary facilities
Model DY-30A DY-50A DY-60A DY-75A DY-100A DY-150A DY-200A
Cooling capacity
8,400 14,000 16,800 21,000 28,000 42,000 56,000
Sensible heat
7,200 12,000 14,400 18,000 24,000 36,000 48,000
Reheating capacity
6,880 8,600 10,320 11,696 13,760 17,200 20,640
Humidifying capacity
2.4 3.6 4.8 6 7.2 9.6 12
Compressor Type HERMETIC(Sealed type)
Output(KW) 2.2 3.75 2.2X2 5.5X1 3.75X2 5.5X2 7.5X2
Hot Water(ROW) 3 4 4 4 4 4 4
Heating surface area(m²) 0.34 0.43 0.57 0.72 0.95 1.43 1.91
Reheater Type AERO FIN
Volume(KW) 2X4S 2.5X4S 3X4S 3.4X4S 4X4S 5X4S 6X4S
Volume(KW) 2 3 2X2 2.5X2 3X2 4X2 5X2
Air-blower Type SIROCCO FAN
Standards D/S#1 3/4 D/S#1 3/4 D/S#2 D/S#2 D/S#2 1/2 D/S#2X2 D/S#2 1/2X2
33 55 66 82 110 165 220
MOTOR(KW) 0.4 0.4 0.4 1 1 1.5 2.2
Refrigerant control system THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE
Maximum power consumption(KW) 12.6 17.5 19.2 23 31 41.2 52.7
Appearance Width(mm) 730 880 1180 1180 1480 1800 1800
Depth(mm) 650 650 650 650 650 830 830
Height(mm) 1750 1750 1750 1750 1750 1900 1900


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