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1. Manufactured in a way that products can be hardened due to temperature-induced stress or aging while being transported through a conveyor system.
2. Excellent in the inner distribution and designed and manufactured in a way that the inner temperature of products can reach the set temperature as soon as possible, which will help realize tests and aging of products

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Cell Test Chamber

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대형환경조성시험룸 (I.R Temperature & Humidity Room Chamber)

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원적외선 이불 건조기 (DYKU-H-C5000 )

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원적외선 이불 건조기 (DYKU-H-C5500 )

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컨베이어식 경화오븐 (Convection Type )

1. LED Magazine을 IN-LINE으로 구성한 LED Curing Reflow 장비 입니다.
2. Off-line을 in-line하여 작성효율및 생산성 효율을 높였습니다.
3. Easy to manage the temperatures and production quantities by using high-level communication interface.
4. Saving of the production unit cost is realized as the system consumes minimum quantity of nitrogen thanks to the efficient pressure control for the supply of nitrogen.
5. No secondary pollution as the system is designed in a way that out-gas can be discharged smoothly.
6. For the supply of hot air, the HEPA filters are installed to collect 99.99% of the particles with the size of 0.3㎛.

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원적외선 회전식 건조기

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