Vacuum Oven
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Vacuum Oven

This equipment is manufactured for aging and drying products by creating vacuum inside the chamber below the atmospheric pressure.

It will be the most difficult to create the required test temperatures as there will be no thermal transfer medium in the vacuum state.
Even there might be somewhat difference in the structure depending on the quantities and structures of products, this equipment is excellent in the temperature distribution compared with other equipment as the temperatures of individual drawers can be managed separately.
In particular, a united packing is applied to the sight glass overall to enhance air-tightness for the purpose of maintaining the vacuum status for long hours.

Vacuum Oven (Large)

- Microprocess PID control / Auto-tuning/ Calibration
- Separate vacuum and vent ports
- Wide Temperature range for Various Test applications
- 0 to 0.1MPa vacuum gauge
- Block type heater and Anodized Aluminum Shelf
- spring load glass door gives a tight vacuum seal and convenient for
continuous monitoring of samples
- Easy to use Touch Screen controller
- Build-in Vacuum Pump